When To Reschedule

Not feeling well?  When do you reconsider your appointment?  There are times when daily stress and routine movement contribute to achiness in your body.  Emotional highs and lows inspired by stressful events in your life contrubute to achiness in your body.  Daily, weekly, monthly life issues, generally, contribute to achiness in your body.  Having a whoppin' good time doing something your body hasn't experienced for awhile brings smiles and achiness in your body.  These are all perfect times for you to bring your aching self in an get your body moving well again.  

Then, there are those "other times".  Times when your body is aching and you just feel a bit out-of-sorts.  However, you have been exposed to someone who is, or has recently been, ill with a cold, the flu or some other contagious condition.  Now your body is aching and you may have caught "the Bug" and may be coming down with an illness.  This is the time when it is best to have consideration for my health and the health of clients scheduled after your visit.  This is the time to call and reschedule your appointment.