I believe the best referal is presented by the testimonial received directly from the people I've helped.  I am honored to help and happy to share with you some of the written testimonials sent to me by my clients. 


For a little over 11 years I have been having extreme back pain. I have been to medical doctors, with no results. I have tried 3 different Chiropractors for a number of years, with no results. In order to cope with daily life, I have to take a pain reliever 5 to 6 times per day. If I miss 2 doses, I can barely walk and have excruciating pain.

I tried Shirley as a last resort before going back to the medical doctor and probably giving in and letting him cut me open. One, one-hour visit with Shirley and I was actuallly pain free for about an hour for the first time in 11 years. Shirley has been working on me now twice a week for about 4 months. She has been unraveling all my muscles that have been tied up in knots for years. In the beginning, she could barely touch me without me having a great deal of pain. She has untangled the top muscles and has now begun working on the deep muscles.

Shirley has also been working on my knees. Ther have been times when just walking up and down the stairs sends shockwaves of pain through me. Shirley has worked on my knees for 1/2 hour and I feel like dancing out of her office.

I am not pain free yet. We still have more work to do. But I see a big difference from when I first started going and now. One day, I know I will be able to throw out my pain relievers and actually be completely pain free without them.

Dyanna A.


I sustained an injury to my lower back in 1979. During the next several years I was treated by four different chiropractors. I even tried acupuncture in hopes of finding relief for the constant, nagging pain.

Then I found Shirley. Within two treatments, I felt better than I had in years. The tingling in my fingers has lessened and the lower back pain is now a distant memeory. I was so used to having my bones "cracked"' and the healing process of a therapeutic massage was such a pleasant surprise. No pain involved. Once I almost fell asleep. Yes, you certainly do have "magic fingers".

Thanks for being so good at what you do.

Mary F.


This is a long overdue "Thank You" note that I have wanted to send forever. How do I ever begin to thank you for all the wonderful pain-free moments you have given me?

Let me begin to thank you for:

The Therapeutic Massage: Where you were able to relieve me of the constant pain I had in m lower back after my hysterectomy. My then current chiropractor and his massage therapist were not able to give me any comfort even after seeing them for 6 months. After a gift card from my daughter, I was brought into your Therapeutic Chambers where your wonderful, magical fingers took away my pain almost immediately. Granted we had to work on it a while, but you brought me from horrible pain to actually feeling like a human being again.

The Relaxing Massage: Where you are able to take me away from a world of constant noise, demand, urgent things to do, and stress to a world of peace and comfort and soothing of my body to take away all the muscle aches and pains we build up in our daily lives.

The Combination Massage: I come to you every 4 weeks in hopes of getting a wonderful, relaxing massage. But, you are so wise!! Usually a quarter or half way through the massage, you hit a "problem" area. And you will ask for my permission if you can work on that particular area for a "short time" before resuming the relaxing massage. are right every time. There are certain "area" that need to be tended to more than ever and you always know exactly which ones. I always leave your "Magic Chamber" feeling wonderful.

You are so very special to me, Shirley, as you have been working with me for several years and have given me so many wise words to follow through with exercise, spiritual thoughts, and kind and loving thoughts.

I have recommended you to so many of my friends, and the wonderful note is they have ALL come back to Thank Me for recommending you and have in turn passed your name on to their friends.

You are the BEST...and I thank you forever for making my body whold again!!

Judy E.


I had a lot of pain in my shoulder when I came to you. I feel so much better. My xray didn't show anything. I would recomend you to anyone.

Norene L.


Shirley Tate-Gerebizza has had a positive impact on my physical and mental well-being. For many years, traditional pain medication temporarily reduced my physical pain but never made me feel good or calm. Sessions with Shirley have dramatically reduced my pain and discomfort and have raised my mental awareness. This awareness allows me to practice deep-breathing techniques; thus, minimizing back muscle discomfort.

Shirley is always conscientious and professional. She takes pride in her work and is able to energize her clients so that our souls and bodies work together and are not in opposition. I recommend her with complete confidence.

Kathy B.


My visit was to be for a full hour relaxation massage. I was running late for my appointment and in my haste at home, missed a bottom step and twisted my foot. When I arrived for my appointment I explained my delay and about my fall. My visit purpose changed and attention was given to my right foot instead of the body massage. I am so grateful that Shirley Tate-Gerbizza shifted her attention to my immediate need and treated my injured foot. She was so patient and focused on my injury and by the time she finished the swelling was gone and the pain reduced to almost nothing! She then advised me of continued care I could administer at home.

When I arrived in her office, as the pain in my foot was continuing to increas in severity, I just knew I would be taking myself to the emergency room following my massage. But after Shirley's attention and car I was able to drive myself home.

In addition to all this, I had mentioned that maybe my next visit could be concentrated on my left arm, which I have had some muscle pain and weakness in for about 8 months. Ms. Tate-Gerebizza immediately cared for my arm during this same visit, when I had no intention of a taking up her time with this issue. I was so impressed that her concern was to address my issue right then. I left her offic with no pain in my left arm at all.

Kathy H.


The care is great. You go above and geyond just a massage. You are truly a great person-a pleasure and privilege to know!

T. H.


I would have to say next best thing to being totally relaxing on a tranquil island, would be my experience with you, Shirley. The atmosphere you set is so relaxing, with the tranquil music, and the sounds of nature, anad the scents in the air. For me it felt like you are very knowledgeable of the muscles of the body, and what they are telling you they need. You were able to make me feel absolutely relaxed, and that was something I sorely needed!

I would highly recommend you to any one! It has truly been a great experience for me. Thank you.

Melonie S.


Please allow me to thank you for all the good you have done for me with that sore hip of mine! Dr. Berg suggested that I see you, which I did. Thinking about my problem being that the ball and socket joint was bone on bone, I was, undersandably, skeptical. Now, after several visits, I am convinced of the good that you do, manipulating the muscles and tendons.

You also explained the difference between a chiropractor and a masseuse. I wasn't kidding when I said that if I won the lottery I would 'buy' my own masseuse and my own chiropractor rather than have surgery. I still feel that way!

Thank you for all that you have done and are still doing to make me feel better!

Geri M.


I have been going to Shirley for several years and always look forward to my monthly massage. She is always open to your needs and focuses her attention where it does you the most good. To me it is amazing how she can zero in on my stress points and apply the right pressure and technique to make me feel better. She is open to listen to better understand your needs and our chats are fun and lively.

Over the years I have had injuries and other medical needs that Shirley has helped me with. I had a blood clot in my left leg that swelled up and was painful, stiff and unresponsive to the recommended treatments. With a change on how I treated it and a few more sessions with Shirley, my leg loosened up, which allowed me more mobility and comfort. To me it was an important step that accelerated my treatment and helped reduce my swelling that enabled me to live a more active life. The extra time I spend with Shirley does wonders for me.

Another time I tripped on a broken sidewalk and fell in an unusual way that caused me to tear some muscles in my left shoulder. After a period of reducing the swelling, I started some phsical therapy. After a short period I felt this was not going to do the job and stopped going. At my next massage I had Shirley focus on this area. After her tracing my muscles and feeling where the injury was she started her magic. The first time it was a little painful, but Shirley always knew just the right pressure and spot to work on. I felt my shouldr loosen up and gain more flexibility. The second time within a week really opened up my mobility and reduced the pain. To me this got me on the road to recover y much-mch quicker than most traditional treatments.

I keep telling myself that Bill you need to take better care of yourself, with these massages I am able to stay on track to a healthier and active life. I have always been open to have a massage and enjoy the experience. Shirley is the only therapist that I havfe stayed with because she does such good work. Knows the exact spot were to work on and the most effective at helping me. I praise shirley's work and recommend her to all my friends and coworker. Shameful on me for not giving her a recommendation sooner for all she has done. I plan to continue to get my regular monthly massage to keep my body less stressed and more open to a healthier life.

Bill W.